Merchant Manufacturing Inc.


For more than 45 years the Merchant family and employees have developed a reputation among our customers around the world for delivering quality machined components on time and at competitive prices.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide technical design assistance that results in the best product at the lowest cost.

Merchant Manufactuing Inc.

                    Mission Statement:

• To provide our customers with the highest possible quality product.

• To remain a family oriented company built on strong relationships with our customers, employees and vendors.

• To be environmentally responsible.

• To be recognized as an asset and leader in the community.

" Although the tools and technology have changed since my father, Leo Merchant, started this business in a garage in 1963, the basic principles haven't changed a bit. Work hard, be efficient and through continuous process improvement and innovation produce competitively priced quality products. My father would be proud to know that is my philosophy and I am committed to those same values."

     Wayne Merchant